#643: 3.5L Wabi-Kusa silent

Thimanthi Lakshani Borelasgamuwa, Sri Lanka


There's some really beautiful moments in this display. Whether it's the interaction between stem plants and the driftwood elements or how Staurogyne repens appears as a healthy foreground plant.

A successful wabi kusa demands the creator to interfere only when necessary. Unneeded trimming or overgrooming can create an unnatural look. Plants can also be distracting if untrimmed.

The Ludwigia in the foreground of this display illustrates this well. The stems struggle to carry their own weight as they cantilever outwards from the vessel's edge. One even faces downwards away from the light. This leads the viewer to question if this wabi kusa was even grown in this vessel at all.

The plant selection is great offering an impressive selection of difficult growers only to be distracted by oddly placed foreground Ludwigia.

While this is not a photo contest careful consideration into the environment around a wabi kusa is greatly appreciated illustrating a level of care beyond planting alone. The wet fabric or paper distracts from the display only emphasizing a lack of attention to detail.

Overall the display is beautiful but with more attention and care would stand among the ranks of the best wabi kusa.
— Jack McCarley
Good mix of plants in the Wabi Kusa and everything looks nice and healthy. I think some strategic pruning or the Ludwigia to creates a bit more density in the plants would have really helped the natural feel of the Wabi Kusa. I would have liked to have seen the Echinodorus emphasized more in the scape or taken out. Good job!
— Bailin Shaw
This is a pretty Wabi Kusa and due to the shape we can be pretty sure that there IS a Wabi Kusa ball under there. But please remember that you are required to SHOW us a photo of your Wabi Kusa ball. It can be a photo of the ball when you are just starting it!
— Karen Randall
Enjoy the variety of leaf shapes and sizes however it looks a little messy - e.g. the leaves weeping over the edge of the bowl look etiolated and should have been more weeping and probably smaller to look in scale. No photo showing the substrate ball.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 9 cm
Title silent
Volume 3.5L
Background black
Lighting DIY light
Filtration NO
Plants s.repens, lobelia,montecarlo,ludwigia rubin,ludwigia repens, echinodoras sp.
Animals no
Materials small drift wood

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