#530: 5L Wabi-Kusa Vibrant Sphere

Vinny Anderson Columbus, United States


As the title suggests I would consider this wabi kusa to be a vibrant sphere too.

The plant selection is varied but shares a similar color palette that feels holistic. The brightest greens of Bacopa monnieri and Staurogyne repens successfully flank either side of this wabi kusa.

There is more to be desired in respect to trimming and husbandry. Humidity damage is present on several species including tips of Staurogyne. Dead foliage is present on the Bacopa caroliniana. The presence of Eleocharis sp. feels rather unconsidered as the plant makes only one or two appearances across the entire wabi kusa.

The visual disruption of the 2-3 tall stems borders the line of success and failure. On one hand these stems create chaos and disorder serving as the necessary imperfection of any good wabi kusa. On the other hand they draw attention away from the rest of the wabi kusa.

All in all this wabi kusa is very attractive and boasts an impressive plant selection.

— Jack McCarley
Although water was used in the initial Wabi Kusa layout the final aquascape had not visible water portion.
— Bailin Shaw
Plant growth and health looks great! Hardscape addition and taller plants would have made this a more vibrant arrangement.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 23 cm
Title Vibrant Sphere
Volume 5L
Background N/A
Lighting ONF Misto
Filtration N/A
Plants Bacopa, Anubias, staurogyne repens, Ludiwgia, hydrocotyle tripartita
Animals N/A
Materials Substrate Ball

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