#537: 1.8L Wabi-Kusa Natural

Ramses Isaí Galicia Argüelles Xalapa, Mexico

Awards and Comments


No supplemental photo showing the required substrate ball.
— Jack McCarley
I like the way that your Wabi Kusa was displayed in the shallow tank and the light stand is perfect for this layout. I think a bit of strategic pruning of the Hydrocotyl to tighten up the Wabi Kusa woud significantly improved the scape and the addition of a deep red plant would have brought this layout to the next level. Nice job!
— Bailin Shaw
We can guess that you have a Wabi Kusa ball based on the shape of your display. But please remember that you are required to SHOW us a photo of your Wabi Kusa ball. It can be a photo of the ball when you are just starting it!
— Karen Randall
Good use of leaf shapes and sizes to enhance perspective. Good use of the pebbles to draw attention to the water. Does look as green as it could be - not sure if it's the light selected. No photo showing substrate ball per guidelines.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm
Title Natural
Volume 1.8L
Lighting Chihiros c2
Plants h. Pinnatifida
H verticilata
Tripartita mini
Anubia petite
Bucephalandra Godzilla
Materials Wabi-kusa ball

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