#565: 0.4L Wabi-Kusa FIKA


Awards and Comments

First Place
Really interesting selection of plants growing with healthy color. A wide variety of texture is also present disallowing the viewer from focusing on one particular part of the arrangement.

The layout provides a prime example of well-integrated hardscape and how to visually balance planting with it.

Great work!
— Jack McCarley
Good use of Wabi Kusa ball lovely use of different colors and shapes of foliage allowed to gracefully mature on a pretty piece of wood!
— Karen Randall
Scale detail and use of hardscape along with floaters enhances the entire arrangement. Like the detail of the floaters on the water to better incorporate the water into the entire look.
— Jo Ann Fujii
What a gorgeous Wabi Kusa! I really like the mixture of different textures and colors to create this little aquascape and how well it was incorporated into the hardscape. The addition of the floating plants was a nice touch for the Wabi Kusa layout. Great job!
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 10 × 10 × 4 cm
Title FIKA
Volume 0.4L
Background Pared Blanca
Lighting Alterna Luz Led 18 Watss-6500K y solar entre 9-10 hs al día.
Filtration NO; Cambio de agua cada 15 días.
Plants Tripartita mini-Pinnatifida-Musgo Java-Lobelia cardinalis mini-Pogostemon Erectus-Ludwigia Repens-Proserpinaca Palustris-Hemianthus Callitricoides Cuba
Animals No
Materials Madera de origen Nacional.
Additional Information Cuenco de cerámica con dos trozos de madera nacional, donde se apoya la Bola Tradicional (sustrato nutritivo), con musgo de Java a su alrededor. Fertilización con Advance y NPK cada 15 días aproximadamente. FIKA (Palabra de orígen Sueco) nos lleva a "DETENERNOS" y contemplar las cosas sencillas de la vida.

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