#668: 1.8L Wabi-Kusa Reborn

Loheac Emilie Plaintel, France

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This wabi kusa pushes beyond the conventional understanding of the art form whilst still functioning within its restrictions.

The display shows a great understanding of height which produces a pleasing gesture from left to right using both hardscape and plants in sync.

The color palette feels well-considered. The foreground reds of Ludwigia against a green midground provide a sense of depth when viewed with the orange hues of the Hygrophila araguaia.

The most exciting addition of color is in the tannin-tinted waters below which are home to more chaotic planting. The free-flowing stems beneath the surface are effective. That said the Anubias appears rather wonky and haphazardly placed when compared to the rest of the well-considered layout.

Overall this wabi kusa embodies a great deal of creative freedom within the confines of the art. A mastery of emergent plant husbandry is evident though well-grown stems and lush mosses.

Brilliant work!
— Jack McCarley
Love the use of the roots as a base for the substrate ball although I can't unsee cow horns! The selection and health of the plants were perfect with a nice subtle red that accents the healthy green plants that cascade from the Wabi Kusa. Well done!
— Bailin Shaw
Love the detail of the mosses and the use of the wood to contrast with the green of the leaves. The mix of details from the leaf shapes and sizes is good especially moving the eye down to under the water level with the bonus of rocks. I would have moved up the left side of the wood higher to provide a less symmetrical appearance (left and right sides) of the wood and also changed the water since it looks brown
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 15 × 15 × 8 cm
Title Reborn
Volume 1.8L
Background Sunset Foil
Lighting LED Horticultural
Plants Hygrophila araguaia
Ludwigia red mini
Ludwigia arcuata
Hydrocotyle tripartita
Micranthemum monte carlo
Vesicularia christmas moss
Anubias nana pangolino
Salvinia natans
Materials Black Asia, River stones
Additional Information The substrate ball was designed directly on the root

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