#645: 3.5L Wabi-Kusa Silent rain

Thimanthi Lakshani Borelasgamuwa, Sri Lanka

Awards and Comments

Third Place
This display presents an interesting assortment of plants almost appearing like a cornucopia of aquatic plants.

A high quantity of aerial stems suggest this wabi kusa was grown outside of this container as several entries share this identical vessel.

Even with the potential of humidity dome growth the Hygrophila pinnatifida struggles with a lack of moisture appearing dwarfed and wilting.

The hardscape is well-integrated with the wabi kusa. I question the value the rightmost Ludwigia stem brings as it appears to mirror the gesture of the driftwood too perfectly.

Overall a pleasant display that would benefit from a more considered plant selection.
— Jack McCarley
Beautifully designed Wabi Kusa with a good mixtures of textures and colors. I also like the use of the floating plants in the layout. The Anubias size is in disproportion to the other plants that were used and smaller variety would have been better. Also a different vessel or bowl would have made a greater impact with this Wabi Kusa. Nicely done!
— Bailin Shaw
This is a pretty graceful Wabi Kusa and we can be pretty sure of the Wabi Kusa ball based on the shape. But please remember that you are required to SHOW us a photo of your Wabi Kusa ball. It can be a photo of the ball when you are just starting it!
— Karen Randall
Use of color makes this an interesting arrangement. Varied leaf sizes and the detail in the wood is also very nice. The largest leaves however look a little too large relative to the size of the entire arrangement - would have looked better if the leaves were slightly smaller. Red roof floaters on the top of the water is a nice touch. No photo showing substrate ball.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 20 × 20 × 9 cm
Title Silent rain
Volume 3.5L
Background black board
Lighting DIY lighting
Filtration No
Plants s.repens,anubias marble,montecarlo,ludwigia rubin,ludwigia repens,rotala h'ra,althenenthera sp.
Animals no
Materials small drift woods

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