#652: 40.4L Biotope Aquascape Cardinal Shrimp of Lake Matano, Sulawesi Island

Kazuya Watanabe Tokyo, Japan


I am delighted that you chose to replicate a different biotope than what we typically see and have used very accurate materials. I just wish you had kept the "scaping" a little more natural and hadn't felt the need to include the "path" through the aquascape. While this is something we see all the time in aquascaping contests it is really not something seen often in nature!
— Karen Randall
This was a difficult display for me to judge.

Comparing it to photos of the habitat I can completely see what the aquascaper has attempted to do and appreciate their efforts at making it authentic.

However it definitely has an 'aquascaped' feel to it rather than a biotope especially due to the path of gravel in the centre.

While I commend the aquascaper for showcasing a beautiful species of shrimp and for trying to do something different the display is let down by its contrived nature.
— Tai Strietman

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 45 × 30 cm
Title Cardinal Shrimp of Lake Matano, Sulawesi Island
Volume 40.4L
Background Blue screen
Lighting LED 8 hours lighting
Filtration bottom filter
Plants Nitella sp.sulawesi
Eriocaulon sp.sulawesi
Chiloscyphus polyanthos
Animals Cardinal Shrimp
Tylomelania sp.
Materials Sulawesi wood.

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