#680: 240L Dutch Aquascape Walz of the Flowers

Viktoria Timofejeva Tallinn, Estonia

Awards and Comments


I would not judge this as a Dutch plant aquarium. It is more reminiscent of the Dutch bulb fields.
27 plant species and a frontglass of 1.20 meters is more than twice the standard and therefore a lot.
Nice fish stock.
Technology well hidden and out of sight.
— Bart Laurens
We need another category: Fruit stand V-style. I won't comment on the style as this should not be in the Dutch category. But I love the health of each and every plant when I zoom into the picture. While the style is personally off-putting to me this is a master horticulturist and you have my respect. Dutch style guide here: More tips here: https://www.aquatic-gardeners.org/Articles/Vin-Dutch/
— Vin Kutty
This is to me another example where the name "Dutch Style" is given to something which actually is not a true Dutch Style layout. Sure contrasts are there and we see "streets" of plants.

However there is no balance at all is the usage of "streets" and different shapes of grouped plants. Furthermore all is focused to the front of the tank and there is hardly any variation in height among the different plant groups.
— Marco Aukes

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 121 × 41 × 55 cm
Title Walz of the Flowers
Volume 240L
Background Dark gray
Lighting AquaLED RGB lamp (Poland) 96W/15000 Lumen
AquaLED Max color (Poland) 52W/6460 Lumen
Filtration Canister: JBL CristalProfi e902 greenline
Canister: EHEIM 2273 professional 4+
Plants 1.Myriophyllum roraima
2.Limnophila aromatica mini
3.Eleocharis acicularis
4.Blyxa japonica
5.Micranthemum Monte carlo
6.Ammania bonsai
7.Alternanthera reineckii rosanervig
8.Hygrophila difformis
9.Lobelia cardinalis mini
10.Alternanthera reineckii rosaefolia
11.Ludwigia ovalis pink
12.Alternanthera reineckii mini
13.Bacopa colorata
14.Riccia fluitans
15.Ludwigia dark orange (Atlantis)
16.Rotala macrandra green
17.Ludwigia palustris super red
18.Pogostemon helferi
19.Hygrophila wilsonii
20.Bacopa salzmannii purple
21.Staurogin repens
22.Hygrophila hippuroides
23.Alternanthera reineckii kleines papageienblatt
24.Eriocaulon vietnam
25.Fissidens Fontanus
26.Hydrocotyle tripartita
27.Bacopa monnieri
Animals 10 Moenkhausia pittieri
10 Hasemania nana
10 Hyphessobrycon Herbertaxelrodi
5 Otocinclus affinis
5 Trichogaster leeri
Materials ADA Power Sand + ADA Amazonia II soil
Additional Information This aquarium has been running for 18 months and this is my first planted aquarium attempt.

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