#683: 18L Aquatic Garden Uprising

Rajib Saha Kolkata, India

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
Very interesting and dynamic layout.
Well-positioned details and great aesthetic care. Good variety of plants and good use of shade.
But the biggest sin of this work was the timing and pruning techniques.
If the carpet were more natural with a mix of other plants it would be perfect. The pruning unfortunately was done very close to the date of the photo perhaps another week to give it a less artificial appearance.
There was also a lack of technique to hide the dividing line on the sides of the glass and to prune the stem plants which were too close to the water level.
But it is still an exquisite work! Just pay attention to these small details next time and we will certainly see it in the highest places on the podium.
— Andre Longarco
A stunning and meticulously crafted artwork that showcases considerable effort in planning and maintaining each individual aquatic plant. Particularly the style of the background aquatic plants demonstrates the artist's excellent sensibility. The intricate detail achieved using the flat gravel might serve as a great reference for other aquascapers. While the condition of the moss in the central area might seem slightly lacking it doesn't appear to be a significant issue in the overall impression. Thank you for sharing this wonderful artwork and congratulations.
— Cho Jaesun

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 33 × 25 × 25 cm
Title Uprising
Volume 18L
Background Frostrate vinyle
Lighting ADA Aqua sky 361, 2 Qty
Filtration External canister filter
Plants Micranthemum sp 'Tweedy', Vesicularia sp ,Rotala H'ra , Eleocharis sp ,Fissidens sp. , Liliaeopsis Mauretiana ,Cryptocoryne parva ,Backpack Salzmanii ,Rotala sp 'green' ,Pogostemon stellatus Bucephalandra sp.
Animals Hyphessobrycon sp.
Materials ADA amazonia soil, Frodo rock, Laplata sand, Aqua gravel
Additional Information ADA Brighty Mineral, ADA brighty K, ADA Iron, ADA Nitrogen, No gadget used, Regular 8 hours lighting and presurrised CO2

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