#716: 513L Riparium The Monk

Ni Made Dewi Sukmawati Denpasar, Indonesia


This is a really impressive installation and one that you have clearly put a tremendous amount of time and effort into. I like your effort to make toe branches flow in the same direction but they would be more impactful if they were larger and thicker in an installation of this size. AlsoThe back edge is too evenly horizontal. Even now you could change this by adding more branches to one side and building that side (and the plants in that area) up mores that the back edge is more sloped rather than a straight line.

Good attempt to use some plants in the water area but again they are rather evenly spaced. Think more of naturally clumped groups of plants and stones.

Your emersed plants are in beautiful condition and clearly very well cared for!
— Karen Randall
When I first looked at this riparium it conjured images and feelings of a fireworks display. There is so much to look at and enjoy -- I couldn't decide where to look first! That is something to consider on this riparium there are no dominant shapes or anchors for the eye. And the hardscape -- while lovely -- is lost. I suspect that this layout is mind-blowing in person but in a photograph the impact is lost.

In any case it is a beautiful work. And I'm grateful for having gotten to study it.
— Ryan Noel
Mix of plants provides interesting emersed composition. Tillandisa looks a little symmetrically arranged and a more natural uneven look would have enhanced a natural appearance.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 190 × 45 × 60 cm
Title The Monk
Volume 513L
Background Lavarock
Lighting Kandila S60 new 9 pcs
Filtration Sump filter
Plants Green Bromelia, minired bromelia, juniper bluedent, green Fitonia, Tilandsia ionantha, Tilandisia Stricta, juncea, mint, Sedum Angelina, Cryptanthus pink, Peperomia argyreira, Moss Weping, crytocorine, anubias petit, sagitaria subulata, Tenelus, Hydrocotile Tripartita, Java Fern, Papuan Moss, Selaginela Green, Kucai, Echinodorus, Kadaka Asplenium Nidus L, Ardisia sp Bhie,
Animals Red Cherry shrimp, Black coco shrimp, Coridoras, snail, Rednose Fish
Materials Santigi Wood, Lavarock, Tiasand,
Additional Information There are cave with cute Monk inside.

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