#538: 38L Riparium The natural scaper

Ramses Isaí Galicia Argüelles Xalapa, Mexico


This riparium isn't going to get a proper assessment from me. And feel terribly about that. Here's a couple of reasons why: 1) The photography isn't doing your creation justice. I can't really see what is going on underwater because the light is so low. 2) The pipes and atomizer are distracting me from your work. So when you enter next year be sure to hide or remove the hardware so that the judges can focus on the beauty you created.

I bet this tank is incredibly beautiful in-person! And I'm hopeful that whatever you submit next year will be beautiful in-photo as well!
— Ryan Noel
Like the use of wood in the arrangement. The emersed section looks a little wild and could have been trimmed. Addition of smaller details like moss or fine leaf plants would have added interesting details.
— Jo Ann Fujii

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 36 × 18 cm
Title The natural scaper
Volume 38L
Lighting Twinstar 600SP
Filtration Delta 60
Plants Corymbosas red
Purple bamboo
Tripartita mini
Anubias sp
Bucephalandras sp
Animals Medakas golden
Materials Flourite black

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