#23: 680L Aquatic Garden

Letty Lewin West Allis, United States


While this is a lovely tank no tank looks its best with the water line exposed like this. The aquascape would look much more polished with the tank filled to the top trim. I don't care for the effect of the two different colors of gravel but I do like the big tree stump very much!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 183 × 61 × 61 cm
Volume 680L
Background Blue 'leather look' wallpaper
Lighting 4 50 watt flood low-voltage halogen (MR16)
Filtration 1 2226 Eheim Canister filter and
1 2228 Eheim Canister filter
Plants Aunbbias, Bacopa Caroliniana, Bolbitis Fern,
Crypt Balanasae, Crypt Beckettii and Wenditii,
Giant Hydro, Java Moss, Mellon Sword, and
Duck Weed.
Animals Discus, Black Neon Tetra, Cardinal Tetra, Marble
Hatchet, and many varities of Corys.
Materials Epoxy Gravel for the Corys, white sand, tree
trunk, and a few rocks.
Additional Information The tank has been up for four years. I use no CO2,
no extra fertalizer, and do 50% water changes
weekly. Originally, when I set the tank up, I used
Tetra Inital Sticks for fertalization. Now it's all

I chose the low-voltage halogen for the clean
line effect it gives, the natural shadows, and
you can see the rippling of the water unlike
fluorescent. Low-voltage halogen is also less expensive to
purchase and run.

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