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Biotope Aquascape

Judge/Organizer Comments

This is a good start, but I hope to see entries in this class increase and improve in years to come. I'd like to see more of an effort to camouflage equipment in all the tanks.

Karen Randall

I agree totally with Karen Randall's comment on this!

Claus Christensen

There were three entries in this category. Debate raged in e-mail amongst the organizers over what constituted a natural or biotope tank: Did it have to be completely 'biotopically correct' with matching fish and plants from the same lake or river? Or was it sufficient for it to be a natural 'habitat' for the fish? It is our hope that more people will take on this category next year.

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Lori Shimoda
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Jamie S Johnson
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Ron Dubbs
Kathy Olson
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