Biotope/Natural Aquaria


This is a good start but I hope to see entries in this class increase and improve in years to come. I'd like to see more of an effort to camouflage equipment in all the tanks.
— Karen Randall
I agree totally with Karen Randall's comment on this!
— Claus Christensen
There were three entries in this category. Debate raged in e-mail amongst the organizers over what constituted a natural or biotope tank: Did it have to be completely 'biotopically correct' with matching fish and plants from the same lake or river? Or was it sufficient for it to be a natural 'habitat' for the fish? It is our hope that more people will take on this category next year.
— Erik
First Place
Lori Shimoda
United States
Second Place
Jamie S Johnson
United States
Third Place
Ron Dubbs
United States
Kathy Olson
United States

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