Aquatic Garden, <60L


A lovely class. I'd be proud to have any one of these tanks in my home!
— Karen Randall
This group (<60 L)contained a lot of
very good designed aquascapes. It is
difficult the score to place fair in this
group. Excellent.
— Kaspar Horst
Nice small tanks - it is a challenge to get perspective(depth) and good balance in small tanks!
— Claus Christensen
This category was restricted to aquatic gardens 60 liters or under. Though there were only six entries competition was fierce and entries were of top quality.
— Erik
First Place and Popular Choice
Jason Luebke
United States
Second Place
Jason Luebke
United States
Third Place
Kurt H. Niedrich
United States
Honorable Mention
Chris Tsang
Kurt H. Niedrich
United States
Michael SoFi
United States
Anthoni Romul

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