#38: 132L Paludarium

Shannon Gipson Brandon, United States


What a lovely home for a group of tiny fish! I suspect that the photos of this tank don't really do it justice as lighting a paludarium well for photos can be very tricky. Still it is obvious that this aquarist has attended to details both above and below the water. I like the backing on the tank and the use of Tillandsias above the water line very much.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 46 cm
Volume 132L
Background Tree fern panels
Lighting 2-4ft flourescent full-spectrum bulbs in 'shop-light' fixture
Filtration Eheim 2213 canister filter with home-made overflow/prefilter
Plants sumerged:
Java fern (microsorium pteropus), Asian bolbitis (Bolbitus heteroclita), Java moss (Versicularia dubyana), Dwarf four-leaf clover (Marsilea crenata), Cryptocoryne wendtii, Cryptocoryne willisi, Corkscrew val. (Vallisneria "asiatica")

Cryptocoryne ciliata, Spathiphylum Wallisi ?, 2 Tillandsia spec., 1 Bromeliad spec.
Animals Bumblebee goby (Brachygobius ??), Malaysian trumpet snails, Ghost shrimp, unknown shrimp (brown with yellow stripe down back and markings on tail)
Materials Lace rock, Driftwood, gravel, Onyx sand (Seachem),"tropical Isle" black sand
Additional Information This tank was set up specifically for Bumblebee gobies. I attempted to include only Asian species but I'm sure some are a stretch. I plan to slowly switch this tank over to brackish and see how the plants tolerate it. Most were chosen for there tolerance of salt others are shots in the dark. The tank has only been set up since mid-july so they are still adapting.

I used a clear plastic sheet to form the terraced area and then hid it with rocks. The background is sheets of woven tree fern root siliconed to the glass. I hope in time to have plants covering most of it.

The substrate is 2 inches of large gravel covered with about an inch of Onyx sand. Initial fertilization was with Flourish Tabs.

I fashioned the overflow/prefilter from the article on The Krib by Ivo Busko. It does a fairly good job of keeping the surface scum in control.

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