#63: 400L Aquatic Garden

Low Chu Chong Singapore, Singapore

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
This aquascape is very well-designed with style elements from Asia among other things.
The work is very succesful in its use of woods and
other materials in the aquascape. Excellent impression of Depth.
— Kaspar Horst
I like the petrified wood that this exhibitor has chosen but would prefer if it were not quite so artificially "lined up". I'd also like to see something to balance the bright red of the Nymphaea. Still it is a striking tank!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 151 × 52 × 52 cm
Volume 400L
Background Rockscaped Background (siliconed on inside of tank)
Lighting 6 X 40 watts flourescent totally 240 watts comprising 2 X triton bulbs, 2 X arcadia bulbs & 2 X coralife.
Filtration Juwel Rio built-in filter rated at 1500 litres per hour, Fluval 304 rated at 1100 litres per hour, Nova powerhead for extra circulation in the front of tank. Mostly mechanical filtration. The currents are gentle enough to provide a little sway in the plants without much agitation.
Plants Plants (Foreground): Eleocharis acicularis, riccia flutians,glossostigma elantinoides and Blyxa Japonica scattered on the foreground for contrast.
Plants (Middleground): Ammannia senegalensis, bacopa caroliana, Nymphea lotus, limnophilia sessiflora, anubias nana, microsorium pteropus and microsorium pteropus v. windelov.
Plants (Background): Lindernia rotundifolia, Blyxa Aubertii, standing driftwood with java moss.
Animals SAE, Ottos, Amano shrimps, clown loaches, cardinal tetras, rummy nose tetras, lemon tetras and most of all, 6 Altum angels.
Materials Petrified Wood - 4 pieces for terracing, hiding plant base and roots and providing caves and crevices for the inhabitants
125 Kilos lonestar gravel (about 3 inches in front and 5-6 inches at back)
5 pieces driftwood for attaching various plants and hiding CO2 reactor.
Additional Information Base Fertiliser: 25 kilos Greenmore fertilizer (about 1 inch) below substrate, generic fertilizer balls, initially, now switching to flourish tabs and Jobes plant spikes.
Liquid Fertiliser: Seachem flourish iron, 5ml twice weekly, Seachem flourish 2ml twice weekly.

Frequency of water change: 40% weekly changes.

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