#73: 57L Aquatic Garden

Anthoni Romul TRONDHEIM, Norway


This is another pretty tank that would have benefitted from a little more vigorous pruning. While very attractive as it stands I believe it would have placed higher if it had been slightly less overgrown. It also appears to me that there is a small red-tailed shark in one photo. This is a fish that in the long run will need to be removed from the tank. It will become to big and too rough for this little community.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 32 × 30 cm
Volume 57L
Lighting 4 x 15 watts philips bulbs. 950.
Filtration Ehiem inner filter.
Plants Hemianthus micranthmoides, Anubias nana, Vesiculariana dubyana and Cryptocoryne becketti.
Animals 20 Cardinalneons, Labeo bicholor, Apistogramma agasizii.
Materials Bogwood
Additional Information Tryed make the setup like a amazon forrest.

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