#78: 151L Aquatic Garden

Kean Huat Yeap Forest Park, United States


It will look much better if the plants are cut down with a pair of scissors some times!
— Claus Christensen
This is a pretty tank but overstuffed with both fish and plants! The Vals are just too large to add to the aquascape of a tank of this size. The Nymphaea is a lovely plant but it too is awfully big for this tank. At very least its floating leaves should be pinched back hard and regularly to encourage the growth of more submerged growth and less floaters.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 91 × 46 × 41 cm
Volume 151L
Background Typical aquarium wallpaper
Lighting Two shop light fixtures with 3 X 40 watts ( 2 GE's Chroma 50 and a CoralLife's Trichromatic)
Filtration Aquaclear 300 Power Filter
Plants Osiris sword, jade sword, jungle vals, dwarf sagittarias, hydrocotolyle leucophola, jave fern, tropic sunset hygro, ambulia, anubias nana, anubias barteri, anubias coffelia, crypts wenditi copper, nymphea lotus, green hygro, pearl grass and Llyodelia
Animals Gold dust mollies, blue gouramis, kuhli loaches, clown loaches, rosy barb, siamese algae eaters, bristtlenose plecos, red eyed tetra, head and tail light tetra, dwarf neon rainbows, black neon tetra, Thai Flying Fox, red platies, bronze catfish, rosy barb and danio
Materials A piece of Malaysian driftwood, 100% Profile as substrate
Additional Information This is my first ever planted tank and it was setup in August 1999. I considered myself as a beginner in planted tank since I had no prior experience in aquatic plants. I try to create a "low tech" beautiful planted tank. I'm learning everyday and try to improve my knowledge in aquatic plants. I started to dose PMDD in middle of August 2000 and converted from DIY CO2 to pressurized CO2 system at about the same time.

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