#103: 216L Aquatic Garden Impression - orange touch

Sorin Tuta Bucharest, Romania


I like the basic layout of this tank and you have created a pleasing little path to draw the eye in. However the red plant on the left (I think it's the R. macrandra though I can't tell for sure from the photo) looks to be struggling in this position. And the tiny spot of bright red (though I suspect this has been voer-saturated a bit) is jarring to the eye. The Cabomba Furcata is robust and healthy but needs a little more shape.
— Karen Randall
Good composition and I like the tiny dash of red with the Rotala macrandra on the left. I feel the red Cambomba is not really dense enough to provide the balance with the fullness of the planting in remainder of the layout.
— George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 40 × 45 cm
Title Impression - orange touch
Volume 216L
Background dark blue backgound paper
Lighting 4X54W T5 fluorescent lights, (JBL 4000k and 9000k)
Filtration External canister Tetratec EX700.
Plants 1.Hemianthus callitrichoides “Cuba”, 2.Glossostigma elatinoides, 3.Eleocharis parvula, 4.Blyxa japonica; 5.Cryptocoryne willisii; 6.Cryptocoryne wendtii „Green Gecko”, 7.Eriocaulon setaceum; 8.Ludwigia arcuata 9.Microsorium pteropus "narrow" & Windelow; ; 10.Pogostemon helferi, ; 11.Micranthemum umbrosum; 12.Rotala rotundifolia sp, 13.Rotala macrandra; 14.Didiplis diandra; 15.Cyperus helferi; 16.Anubias barteri nana petit, ; 17.Cabomba furcata (piauhyensis)18. Vesicularia dubyana, 19. Christmas moss.
Animals Hemigrammus bleheri 16 ; Hyphessobrycon innesi 6,
Materials ADA Aquasoil Malaya substrate, driftwoods, stones;
Additional Information Presurized CO2, pH 6,6; KH=4-5; GH=6; NO3=10ppm; PO4=1-2ppm, Dupla root, Dupla plant, Dupla plant 24

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