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I would like to have seen more biotope entrants.

George Farmer

I hope that people who enter the biotope category in the future will read the comments in past contests and try to really create true biotope tanks. Do a little research, find out what kinds of plants and animals are found together, and what their habitat actually looks like. If you can't visit the place in person, there is a LOT of information on the internet these days, written by people who have been there. Biotope tanks can be really fun AND very beautiful if done right! Congratulations to those in this class who HAVE done their homework!!!

Karen Randall

This is the category for the "renaissance" men and women out there. Here, more than in any other category, is where art and scientific study come together. Those of us in the hobby should hold the biotope in highest regard for its purism and scholarly narrow focus. I encourage more to give it a try.

Bob Vivian
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Charalampos Tsokas
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Xiangyu Wei
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Travis Evans Wilt
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