#199: 350L Aquatic Garden Vodoo Child

Carlos Melin Horcades Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


Pretty tank but the plants all seem to be growing together. Try growing them in larger groups that you can shape more effectively. I don't think your white angels do anything to add to the aquascape... replace them with some nice wild colored fish!
— Karen Randall
The foreground is good but the midground and background look messy with some signs of poor plant health.
— George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 50 × 65 cm
Title Vodoo Child

Volume 350L
Background mirror
Lighting 240 w arcadia and 90w gro-lux
Good light from the window
Filtration biological, mechanical, UV, and skimmer
Plants microssorium pteropus, hygrophila polysperma, echinodorus glaucus horizontalis, ech. amazonensis, ech. goyanensis, hydrocotyle leucocephala, annubias nana.
Animals 6 pterophyllum scalare altum, (angel fish), one Baryancistrus aureatus, L014a, two baryancistrus sp, L085 (nugget pleco), four hypancistrus zebra,L046,
Materials driftwood, rocks.

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