#200: 230L Aquatic Garden Vodoo child (slight return)

Carlos Melin Horcades Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


This tank ia a bit of a jumble it tems of the plants but that's OK... many healthy pleasnt planted community tanks are. The big problem is that this tank is terribly overstocked.
— Karen Randall
Pleasant jungle-style layout but I'm not sure about keeping arowana with discus especially in 230 litres...
— George Farmer

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 35 × 60 cm
Title Vodoo child (slight return)
Volume 230L
Background printed background
Lighting 180 w arcadia freshwater, 90 w gro-lux
good window light
Filtration mechanical and biological
Plants Vallisneria gigantea, higrophylla polysperma, mcrossorium pteropus, hydrocotyle leucocephala, aponogetum crispus,graminea,annubias nana, echinodorus glaucus horizontalis, ech. amazonensis,
ech. goyanensis, aponogetum crispus.
Animals 7 symphisodon discus, one king tiger pleco-L066, peckoltis sp, one leopard pleco, pseudocanthus c f leopardus-L114, one aruanã-osteoglossum ferreirai.
Materials driftwood

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