#61: 65L Aquatic Garden Green Path

Chan Yuk Lun, Alan Hee Wong Terrace, Hong Kong


Well exectuted and presented layout with good use of textures and hardcape. The right-hand tree is a little distracting right in the corner and the Punitus denisoni are unsuitable for small aquaria.
— George Farmer
You have obviously put a lot of effort into this tank but I find your driftwood to be quite blocky and harsh. While you were careful to place your path on a third it would work better if it were slanting curved or both rather than a straight line cutting the tank in two pieces. A 17G tank is much too small for a group of fish like P. denisoni which will eventually reach 6" with good care.
— Karen Randall
In the right hands even an ugly ole tree stump can be made beautiful...and compelling. That loop of a branch at center grabs my eye and won't let go. That is what a focal point is all about.
The rest of the aquascape when I finally look away from the branch displays a skillful command of design balance and simplicity.
— Bob Vivian
The composition of the dynamically arranged driftwood is exciting. However the center of the composition seems too far right. If the entire scene had been shifted a little more to the left the balance of the composition would look pleasant.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 30 × 36 cm
Title Green Path
Volume 65L
Background white
Lighting ADA GREEN GROW/604
Filtration Eheim professional II 2028
Plants 1. Anubias barteri var. nana ''Petite''
2. Vesicularia sp. Taiwan
3. Microsorum ''narrow''
4. Eleocharis acicularis
5. Eleocharis “parvula”
6. Vesicularia montagne
Animals • Rasbora heteromorpha
• Puntius denisoni
• Crossocheilus Siamensis
Materials • ADA Aqua Soil AMAZONIA
• ADA Nile Sand
• Driftwood
• Rocks
Additional Information • ADA Special Bright K
• ADA Step two
• Green Gain

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