#71: 324L Aquatic Garden Wolong Canyon

Cheung Wai Shan Susanna Hong Kong, China

Awards and Comments

First Place
This tank has a carefully designed "wild" look that I like. It is a tank that might be overlooked at first glance because you must linger to appreciate it. The change of gravel texture toward the edges draws the eye back into the aquascape the way a vignette on a photo would and the spill of large rocks in the center leads the eye along a curving path that looks very natural but I'm sure was not accidental. Very nice work.
— Karen Randall
Innovative rockwork! The substrate textures work brilliantly too. For me the weakest part of the composition is the untidy mass of stem plants on the left. I think I understand your intention of portraying a wild appearance but for me it's a bit too unkempt. All of the other photos especially the 3rd shot show off the aquascape magnificently. A superb effort!
— George Farmer
A set of great master stones proudly set at the center of the scene - it is quite appealing. Yet the composition looks slightly imbalanced because there are no stones arranged on both sides of the center stone. In Iwagumi layout the arrangement of "suteishi" (a sacrificed stone/ornamental stone) is an important factor of expression just like that of the master stone. In this aquascape placing a piece of stone on the area of Microsorium could promote a good sense of balance to its composition. Overall it's an ambitious piece of work.
— Takashi Amano

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 60 × 45 cm
Title Wolong Canyon
Volume 324L
Lighting T8 FL 38 Watt X 7 (9hrs daily)
Filtration Canister Filter (1,200L/hr) X 2
Biological Ceramic Rings
Filter Foamas
Plants Blyxa japonica,
Echinodorus tenellus,
Eleocharis sp.,
Microsorum pteropus "Narrow",
Pogostemon stellatus "Dassen",
Potamogeton gayi,
Rotala wallichii,
Rotala sp.(Nanjenshan),
Vallisneria nana,
Vesicularia ferriei
Animals Trigonostigma heteromorpha,
Rasbora trilineata,
Otocinclus sp.,
Crossocheilus siamensis
Materials ADA Amazonia,
Power Sand Special,
ADA Bright Sand

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