#85: 35L Aquatic Garden Garden of Utopia

Craig Underwood Perth, Australia


A very effective triangular design with a good choice of planting and hardscape composition. I feel the aquascape would improve with some bushier and full stem plant growth especially at the right side. Also the overhanging moss-covered wood looks a little out of place. Other than that a fine effort indeed - especially for one so young... Well done!
— George Farmer
This is a very nice start and I am impressed that you have achieved this level of skill at your age. The Rotala on the left needs a little more time to grow out and attain a more natural shape and I would re-think the moss covered branch at the top of the tank. It really stops the eye in a jarring way. Cover it with your hand and I think you will see a much more flowing look to the design. Still this is a wonderful start to your career as an aquascapist!
— Karen Randall
A pleasant healthy tank.
The placement of the driftwood weighted to the right with the darker crypts is spot on.
I suggest that the horizon a descending diagonal from right to left be more sharply defined.
The entrant has real potential. Keep up the good work.
Oh! And lose the flying moss covered branch. It's an unfortunate distraction.
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 25 × 30 cm
Title Garden of Utopia
Volume 35L
Lighting 2x36W Compact fluorescent (1x 5000K, 1x 10000K)
Filtration Tom rapid mini canister filter (200lph) with glass lily pipes
Plants HC, Downoi, Blyxa Japonica, Xmas moss, rotala sp. green, ludwigia arcuata, cryptocoryne sp., rotala wallichi, hair grass.
Animals 5x Threadfin Rainbow fish
20x Cherry shrimp
Materials Locally collected driftwood
Additional Information ADA range fertilizer and substrate.

I am 14 years of age from Australia :)

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