#90: 25L Aquatic Garden Javanese Paradise MKII

Tom Messenger Monks Eleigh, United Kingdom


What a beautiful home to your shrimp! The composition is strong but is let down a little by the moss that dominates the aquascape. I would have like to see more of that lovely rockwork you have. Superb effort though well done!
— George Farmer
Pretty easy to maitain tank and a lovely home for your shrimp. The foreground could have a little better definition and interest. Perhaps by adding some small Anubias for variety of leaf shape.
— Karen Randall
Bring that poor lonely rock on the right back into the fold and make it your focal point. Add some more rock for balance.
The upper portion of the tank seems to be forgotten. Plants with more height would uplift this aquascape in importance.
— Bob Vivian

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 40 × 23 × 27 cm
Title Javanese Paradise MKII
Volume 25L
Background Backlit against white card
Lighting 25w Compact T5
Filtration Fluval 205
Plants Microsorum pteropus, Taxiphyllum barbieri
Animals Caridina denticulata sinensis
Materials ADA Sarawak Sand, Mini Landscape Rocks
Additional Information ADA Brighty K, Brighty Spec. Lights, Brighty Step 1, Flourish Excel, 2bps CO2

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