#3: 1134L Biotope Aquascape Central America River

Lee Nuttall Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


This is one of the nicest large cichlid aquariums I've seen in a long time. The aquarium looks like the coastal stream habitat where these fish come from.
— Phil Edwards
Very attractive.
— Karen Randall
Beautiful central American biotope! The fish are beautiful and obviously comfortable in this recreation of the their habitat.
— Bailin Shaw

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 244 × 91 × 64 cm
Title Central America River
Volume 1134L
Background 'Back To Nature' joined together from two different types of background.
Lighting T8 Freshwater lamps x 2
Original tropical lamp x 1
Filtration Biological filtration behind the background, powered by 2 maxijet pumps rated 1700 lph/2300 lph.
Animals 1 x Vieja argentea
2 x ex Cichlasoma pearsei
5 x Thorichthys pasionis
12 x Xiphophorus hellerii
Materials Large river stones,
Playpit sand and fine gravel mix,
Beechwood branches.

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