#462: 240L Biotope Aquascape Bioamazon

Flavio Henard Jorge de Freitas Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


A cardinal biotope would most likely have more leaf litter than this and although you DO occasionally find small amounts of floating plants on black water they are mostly stunted and few and far between. It's not that your tank is WRONG it's just that the plants are thicker than you would likely see in these areas.
— Karen Randall
I've typically seen much more leaf litter and fewer plants in black water environments. I can understand how you'd want to include plants as this is a planted tank contest after all. The biotope category has always been a little on the fence about plants and not. If it's not appropriate for plants to be in a habitat it's generally better to leave them out when entering this category. The websites you've cited are a wealth of information good work on the research. I do like the wood placement quite a bit too.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 120 × 40 × 50 cm
Title Bioamazon
Volume 240L
Background Black paper
Lighting 72W 6400K
Filtration Canister with 1200L/H
Plants Pistia stratiotes
Animals Paracheirodon axelrodi
Materials Driftwoods and leaves.
Additional Information Biotope inspired by the black river of the Amazon basin where we can find many roots and one of the most beautiful fish in the region: the Paracheirodon axelrodi.

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