#292: 580L Biotope Aquascape Way to Red Canyon

TheLeVan Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Awards and Comments


DQ- clearly not representative of a biotope.
— Phil Edwards

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 65 × 60 cm
Title Way to Red Canyon
Volume 580L
Background White Background
Lighting T5Ho 80w x 6
8 hours/ day
Filtration Extenal fillter 23w x 2
Plants Vesicularia Ferriei. Vesicularia sp "Brasil".Mini Fissident. Micranthemum sp " Montecarlo"
Animals Paracheirodon Axelrodi
Materials Aqua soil, Power sand special. Viet Nam RockS
Additional Information Co2 diffuser: 3b/second

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