#95: 76L Aquatic Garden The Quiet Place

Steven M. Coyle Hyattsville, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 24 × 12 × 16 cm
Title The Quiet Place
Volume 76L
Lighting 24W t5ho x 2
Filtration EHEIM ecco pro 2232
Plants Crypt. crispatula var balansae, Crypt. lutea, Crypt. wendtii brown, Crypt. wendtii green, Staurogyne repens, Eleocharis parvula, Taxiphyllum barbieri
Animals Trigonostigma heteromorpha x 8, Otocinclus sp x 3, Crossocheilus langei x 1
Materials malaysian driftwood x 2, rocks and pebbles
Additional Information Caribsea eco-complete, Co2, liquid ferts & root tabs

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