Aquascape Categories


It is always a pleasure a privilege and a great honor to be able to participate as a juror in this renowned Aquascaping contest.
It is public and notorious that aquascaping is growing and developing all over the world and without a doubt the AGA contest is a major responsible for this.
I want to thank the governing body of the contest for always trust in my work and congratulate all participants without exception for the courage dedication and passion for this wonderful hobby. I hope to be with you all in the next edition and certainly with much more participants. Long life to aquascaping.
— Andre Longarco
Thank you to every single participant. Regardless of place everyone is to be commended for making the notable effort to share their creation with not just a panel of judges but with the world. Each year the entries are more remarkable than the last this year being no exception. While aquascaping continues to grow worldwide I feel as though the community is also growing closer as a whole all while developing stronger in more localized regions--which is truly very exciting! Thank you to the AGA for being a pillar in the world of aquascaping and aquatic plants and to everyone involved in organizing this incredible contest. So congratulations to all of the winners for your fine work and to all entrants for your participation. I look forward to seeing more from all of you in the future!
— Jen Williams

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