#211: 160L Aquatic Garden alass mranak

nasrul karim magelang, Indonesia

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 40 cm
Title alass mranak
Volume 160L
Background gray
Lighting 80 watt led smd strip 6500K
Filtration canister filter DIY AMARA 1200L/H
using biological media
Plants rotala colorata, amannia gracilis,h.polysperma sunset, ludwigia red rubin, star grass, h.diformis, hidrokotil tripartita, baby tears, hair grass japan, marselia hirsuta, weeping moss
Animals serpae tetra, red cery srim
Materials mranak wood, lava rock, rahtawu stone, silica san, aquaning
Additional Information when I searched the upper reaches of the Rahtawu river, I found an amazing underwater scene.
between rock cliffs and mranak tree forests.
there are some fallen trees and fossils that are submerged for so long.
that's where I want to make an aquascape with a view like the upstream of the rahtawu river.

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