#236: 574L Biotope Aquascape Peaceful River

Simon Howard Oldham, United Kingdom

Awards and Comments


Not a biotope
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 202 × 50 × 56 cm
Title Peaceful River
Volume 574L
Background Black film backing.
Lighting 6ft LED fill spectrum light
Filtration Fluval fx6 and fluval u4
Plants Cabomba, crypts, amazon swords, Moss.
Animals 40 cardinal tetras, 31 sterbai corydoras (normal and albino), 7 yellow honey gourami, electric blue ram, golden ancistrus and L397 panaqulous. Malaysian trumpet snails.
Materials Spider wood, some driftwood pieces, Alfagrog rocks, sand substrate.
Additional Information Low tech set up. Just root tans used for fertilisation. The scape is supposed to respresent a river bed with schooling cardinals in the plants, shoals of sterbai on the bottom and the plecs, gourami and rams are all show fish in their own right. Lots of breeding / spawning takes place in the tank organically.

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