#244: 192L Aquatic Garden The Forest of Destiny

Jose Sánchez Arriate, Spain

Awards and Comments

Honorable Mention
Very interesting forest style work with a lot of depth and perspective.
He sins in the matter of the repetition of the elements.
The trees all look the same or very similar there is no differentiation of what is near and far almost all have the same priority especially in the intermediate plane behind.
The central path is fine but I recommend clearing a little bit of excess stones as they give the impression of dirt and confusion even though the intention was to look more natural.
Congratulations good job!
— Andre Longarco

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 100 × 40 × 48 cm
Title The Forest of Destiny
Volume 192L
Background Ada Amazonia
Lighting Led 130W
Filtration JBL Cristal profi e701 y Eheim Compact ON 1000
Plants Weeping moss, ricardia moss, anubia Nana, anubia petite, rotala rotundifolia, rotala hra, alternanthera reineckii mini, stautogyne repens, echinodorus tenellum, flame moss, bucephalandras
Animals Tetra Amandae, apistograma cacatuoide y gamba japónica
Materials Roca Seiryu y raíz roja
Additional Information Abonado 3 veces en semana (Fe, NPK, micronutrientes), co2 presurizado 2 burbujas/seg y cambio de agua semanal.

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