#249: 540L Biotope Aquascape Río Peyán, Guatemala, Jungle Area, Submerged Roots Habitat

Lee Nuttall wolverhampton, United Kingdom

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 60 × 60 cm
Title Río Peyán, Guatemala, Jungle Area, Submerged Roots Habitat
Volume 540L
Background MDF board painted aqua blue
Lighting 1 x Arcadia T8 38W freshwater lamp
Filtration EHEIM classic 600 with both biological and mechanical filtration
Plants NA
Animals Thorichthys meeki, Poecilia mexicana, Xiphophorus hellerii
Materials Sand and gravel mix substrate. River boulders and small cobbles/pebbles, wood root, tree branches and windmill palm, all collected locally.
Additional Information My biotope is based upon the Río Peyán and is one of 3 permanent affluent river mouths to the main Lachuá Lake. Habitat is reported to be a mainly calcareous rocky bank where the mouth opens on to muddy shore. Canopies of shading trees contiguously go down into water surface, where there are lots of tree trucks, roots and general wood and leaf litter mainly composed of surrounding trees and palms. Substrate is reported to be sand and gravel, but mainly a dominant emphasis towards gravel and small rocks. A greater number of fish species is recorded around the River mouths and littoral zones.
Sources: Fishes from Lachuá Lake, Upper Usumacinta Basin, Guatemala, Pablo Granados-Dieseldorff 1,2*, Mäds F. Christensen 3 and P. Herman Kihn-Pineda 2012

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