#315: 243L Biotope Aquascape The Springs at the North Side of Mount Tai of China

Zhang Li Xian Jinan, China


I'm sorry but I cannot even see the plants that you say you used because everything is SO infested with algae. This is not typical of most spring head waters.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 90 × 90 × 30 cm
Title The Springs at the North Side of Mount Tai of China
Volume 243L
Background N/A
Lighting Metal halide lamp150W of Odesi
Filtration Atman CF1000,Sunsun LW-603
Plants Potamogeton pectinatus、
Potamogeton crispus、
 Phragmites australis、
Spirogyra communis
Animals Lefua costata、
Gnathopogon tsinanensis、
Rhinogobius brunneus、
Cipangopaludina cahayensis、
Pseudorasbora parva、
Rhinogobius similis、
Abbottina rivularis、
Rhodeus ocellatus、Radix auricularia
Materials Branches and leaves(Chinese pine,
Pinus densiflora; Japanese red pine,
Robinia pseudoacacia; locust,
Chinese chestnut; castanea mollissima,
persimmon),Mount Tai stone,Mount Tai sand
Additional Information Jinan is famous for its spring water. The beautiful city
sees more than one hundred springs, of which 72 springs are the most well-known.
A series of mountains embrace the city’s southern territories, featuring steep cliffs,
cloud and fog, and exotic stones. Within the mountains, some small-sized
springs surge day and night. Impressed by the great views, I decided to design an
originated fish-tank with Jinan characteristics. The prototype of the tank
environment is located at the north side of Mount Tai, where the minimum human
activities exist and the surroundings are naturally beautiful, with some tiny
springs, suggesting an ideal imitation model. The exact prototype landscape is
a huge Mount Tai Stone. The stone rises upright, with two-thirds of its entity empty.
The spring generated underneath the stone provides sufficient water for the pond.
The trees and little rocks create a good shelter for the fish inside, while the
algae promote a proliferation of natural life. To seek ideas from the originated
location is the optimum approach for landscape design, since they are original
in style and taste and imitate the original environment perfectly. Eventually, I
took back some water, stone, tree branches, fish, and conch shells from Mount
Tai. With all the materials collected from the original places, the fish-tank
landscape is sure to “confuse the fish’s eyes.”

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