#329: 55L Aquatic Garden Aerial view

蕭旭宏 屏東市, Taiwan

Awards and Comments

First PlaceLarry Lampert Most Innovative Award
This layout gave me dizziness vertigo!!!
What impressive work not just for the sense of tall but also for the good perspective and natural feeling!
Amazing job congratulations!!! Absolutely the best.
— Andre Longarco
I found myself getting lost in this composition. In my opinion it's a very well executed twist on the standard forest scene. Well done.
— Jen Williams

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 35 × 35 cm
Title Aerial view
Volume 55L
Lighting led19w*4
Plants Limnophila sp. ''south america, mini''.
Rotala sp. ''mini type 1''.
Rotala goias.
Fissidens fontanus
Vesicularia antipyretica
Glossostigma elatinoides.
Anubias petite.
Vesicularia montagnei.
Vesicularia ferriei
Riccardia chamedryfolia
Rotala pusilla.
Cladophora aegagrophila
Animals Trigonostigma espei
Neocaridina Denticulata
Additional Information The biggest feature of this work is to make a landscape view of the aquarium. The angle of nearly 40 degrees can pull out the overlooking atmosphere. If you don't see the left and right sides of the glass front, it will be considered as a downswing effect.
Such a large bevel is generally unsupported by the bottom sand, so the use of a laminate as a base not only completes the bird's-eye view, but also creates a far-reaching depth of field. The landscape of the forest has chosen orange-red, yellow-green grasses, not to create a colorful hue, but to match the dark green moss to create a warm earth color. Fish species are also equipped with petite golden Trigonostigma espei. Fully matched with the aquarium.

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