#338: 570L Aquatic Garden COLORS OF JOY

WANG WEI Shanghai, China

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 180 × 60 × 60 cm
Volume 570L
Background black paint
Lighting 4*75W LED Light
Filtration ADA 19L filter vat
Plants 红宫廷,绿宫廷,红丁香,绿丁香,小红梅,西瓜对叶,印度小园叶,羽裂水蓑衣,丹麦细叶铁,黑木蕨,鹿角铁,咖啡榕,迷你小水榕,水榕,红尾松,迷你椒草,虎纹椒草,红虎斑睡莲,睡莲,趴地矮珍珠,牛毛草,垂泪莫斯,大三角莫斯,美凤莫斯
Animals 白肚玻璃灯,红肚玻璃灯,红绿灯,黑尾大钩,一眉道人,黑线飞狐,小精灵,蜜蜂角螺,大和沼虾,樱花虾,
Materials Wood, stone, soil
Additional Information I like to play with different colors and textures of aquatic plants and wanted to put together a scape that could capture that sentiment. I selected the fishes that could seamlessly blend with the overall chaos. A chaos that I find so enticing in Nature.

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