#499: 34L Aquatic Garden Fukinagashi

Fabian Kussakawa Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Awards and Comments


Awesome job very well made with good proportions.
Personally I would give more power to the central path it is a little bit shy. The rocks and their proportions are awesome but despite the name FUKINAGASHI windswept-style Bonsai art I think that the driftwoods are not so quite well used. They are conflictant with the rocks aren't they? Just another advice try to use more priority in the hardscape... everything are with the same importance.
But anyway one of my favourite layouts in these category!! Well done congrats.
— Andre Longarco
I find this layout to be full of texture and it feels incredibly natural. Very well done. Only suggestion I might make would be to break up the left to right path of Alternanthera as it is a bit of a hard stop to the depth of this layout.
— Jen Williams
This entry was disqualified because its volume and lengths were mis-reported causing it to be judged in the wrong caztegory.
— Erik Olson

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 30 × 25 cm
Title Fukinagashi
Volume 34L
Lighting Led Aquarium world 40wts
Filtration Hang On Aquaclear
Plants Eleocharis japan, hydrocotyle tripartita mini, nambei moss, flame moss, rotala rotundifolia, mayaca, utricularia graminifolia, alternanthera mini, hemianthus callitrichoides var cuba and micranthemoides, staurogyne, Bucephalandra mini coin and Fissidens
Animals Poecilia reticulata
Materials Materials Rocks, Wood and cosmetic sand

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