#500: 151L Aquatic Garden Phoneix

Clinton John McClurkin Fort Mohave, United States

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 36 × 18 × 17 cm
Title Phoneix
Volume 151L
Background NA
Lighting 36” Aqua Worx Orion Led light fixture
Filtration Fluval 306 canister filter
Plants Mini Bolbitis, Phoneix Moss, water Wisteria, Rotala walichi, Java fern, alternanthera rosanervig, myriophyllum tuberculattum, ceratophyllum demersum, cryptocrene undulata red, rotala macrandra mini
Animals Cosmic Rasbora, Endler Guppies, Cardina
Materials Substrate is ADA power sand, Amazonia and Fluval stratum
Mix. Hard scape is Ohko stone
Additional Information My Aquascaping mentor moved out of state and broke down all of his scapes and asked me If I would be interested in his Livestock and plants I of course was! I utilized every part of his three scapes to create this one that’s why I called it Phoneix

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