#631: 22L Aquatic Garden The Sengkuni Cebol

Amiri Lubis Malang, Indonesia

Awards and Comments


Amazing work almost perfect! Creating such a natural and impressive environment in a space of just 22 liters is definitely not for anyone.
The only observation I make is that if the "tree" were more highlightedfrom the rest of the layout the work would be even more impressive.
Anyway my sincere congratulations what a beautiful job!
— Andre Longarco
This was my top rank for the class. While we've seen this style before I feel as though this version mixes both the technical structure and natural flow quite effortlessly. And in such a small aquarium! Well done.
— Jen Williams
This entry has been disqualified because the aquascaper broke the contest rules by entering five aquascapes under two aliases.
— Erik Olson

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 25 cm
Title The Sengkuni Cebol
Volume 22L
Background white paint
Lighting ADA Aquasky Moon LED 301
Filtration HW-602B
Plants Buchepalandra, Mini Christmass, weeping, ricardia, Flame, Rotala Walichi
Animals Ember Tetra, Cherry Shrimp
Materials sand stone, santigi wood

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