#651: 225L Biotope Aquascape Meanders of a forest stream, a tributary of the Chodelka River near Bełżyce.

Bartłomiej Paśnik BEŁŻYCE, Poland

Awards and Comments

Second Place
This representation of a cut under river bank is absolutely fantastic!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 150 × 50 × 30 cm
Title Meanders of a forest stream, a tributary of the Chodelka River near Bełżyce.
Volume 225L
Background The background is made of translucent foil, behind it are decorations imitating the depth of the river.
Lighting 150W led 6500K
Filtration unimax 250. Water circulator 2000l / h.
Plants N/A
Animals Gobio gobio, Orconectes limosus
Materials For the decoration were used: limestone, sand, roots. the riverside was made of sand and epoxies. Making it from natural materials would not be permanent.
Additional Information A small stream originating in forests to the southwest of the city of Bełżyce. These are mixed forests, the most common tree species are: Quercus, Carpinus betulus, Pinus silvestris, Alnus glutinosa. The biotope is located in a temperate cold climate. The driest month is January. There is a rainfall of 24 mm at this time. The greatest precipitation appears in July, with an average of 77 mm. July is the hottest month with the average temperature of 18.5 ° C. The lowest average temperature in the year occurs in the month of January and is about -5.6 ° C. The stream’s sources flow from a small hill. The silty bottom is overgrown with algae. After about 20 meters, the bottom is covered with limestone and sand, the banks are overgrown with roots, mosses and dead wood. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoFGe_sX--I

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