#671: 24L Aquatic Garden EUPHORIA

Archie Pejo Lapu-Lapu, Philippines


While the hardscape in this layout is strong I find that there are some technical issues which detract greatly. The piled up substrate on the front glass the lack of followthrough on the far left side in the margin between the wood and the glass and the steep angle of the path which almost creates a stop rather than depth all work against the well sculpted hardscape.
— Jen Williams

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 45 × 21 × 26 cm
Volume 24L
Background White Cloth with light
Lighting LED light
Filtration Canister Filter
Plants Anubias sp. Nana petite
Micranthemum "Monte Carlo"
Bucephalandra sp. Lamandau mini
Bucephalandra sp. Belindae
Rotala H'ra
Rotala Rotundifolia "Blood Red"
Java Moss
Weeping Moss
Christmas Moss
Coral Moss
Flame Moss
Animals Scat Fish
Materials Bantigue Driftwood
River Stone
River Sand
Dymax Aquasoil
Additional Information Dosing Seachem fertilizers like, Seachem Comphrehensive, Seachem Iron, Seachem Potassium, & Dymax Fertilizers.

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