#681: 23L Biotope Aquascape Black water biotope

Melanie Holmes Troy, United States


I'm not sure why you used an aqua soil in a tank without plants but it looks very unnatural in a tank that is supposed to represent a natural environment. On the positive side I am sure this is a healthy home for your fish.
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 43 × 26 × 22 cm
Title Black water biotope
Volume 23L
Background no background used
Lighting Fluval LED "portable luminaire" provided with system since it is a fairly dim light. (3W)
Filtration Hagen Fluval Edge Power Filter filled with foam, ceramic rings and balls as well as a bag of peat to further aid in softening the water as well as staining
Plants a few pieces of Salvinia Cucullata ( which have since been removed )
Animals Parosphromenus deissneri ( Deissner's Liquorice Gourami )
Materials several pieces of spiderwood and Manzanita wood to simulate a dense root system. Added a few small pieced of Dragon stone to anchor the wood, create caves and achieve balance. I added lots of leaf litter as well as several seed pods to achieve the look and feel of decaying botanicals in a blackwater environment and to provide hiding as well as breeding spots.
Additional Information This was especially challenging to scape due to the opening of the tank only being a 5"x7" area. (Fluval Edge )
Strict monitoring of water parameters for special needs of these fish is required. GH is kept at 2 with hardly any detectable KH. TDS initially around 49 but due to tannin's increases slightly over time.

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