#702: 27L Aquatic Garden Below Rippled Glass

Shawn McBride Grand Forks, United States

Awards and Comments

Top Ten
I really like the texture and development of the foreground on this layout with the Bucephalandra species Anubius and moss. Then with the delicate way color pulls the viewer through. Well done.
— Jen Williams

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 30 × 30 × 30 cm
Title Below Rippled Glass
Volume 27L
Background frosted glass with backlight
Lighting ADA aquasky and UpAqua LED
Filtration Eheim 2211
Plants Various bucephalandra species, Rotala rotundifolia green, Rotala Ceylon, Rotala rotundifolia "sunrise", anubias nana petite, anubias nana "bonsai", Riccardia chamedryfolia, Vesicularia species "mini Christmas moss, Fissidens fontanus, Fissidens splachnobryoides,
Animals seven Paracheirodon simulans, nine celestichthys erythromicron, unknown number neocaridinia davidi, unknown number of pond snails ;)
Materials manzanita wood, yamaya stone

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