#186: 112L Aquatic Garden Horizon in the Valley

Thiago Goncalves de Oliveira São Paulo, Brazil

Awards and Comments

First Place
Beautiful bright aquascape! The plants are well trimmed and detail work is nice. Good job!
— Kris Weinhold
This layout has potential it has a very strong structure and composition and it looks like an aquarium much bigger than it really is but it was photographed ahead of time there was no time for plant development!
The rocks should have more similar texture and more unity.
It has a perfect reflection work and is very well executed difficult to see in aquariums of this size.
Despite feeling the necessity for more personality and power in hardscape I believe it is one of the best works in this category!
Congratulations for your work!
— Andre Longarco
Nice Brazilian design. This tanks needs a bit more impact to achieve a higher ranking. In any case a really good try!!!
— Juan Puchades

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 80 × 40 × 35 cm
Title Horizon in the Valley
Volume 112L
Background Fog Background
Lighting Maxspect RSX R5F-150
Filtration ADA Jet Filter ES-600 with ADA Bio Rio
Plants Myriophyllum matogrossense (Amano), Rotala sp. (Nanjenshan), Rotala sp. (Vietnam), Rotala sp. Hra, Microsorum pteropus var. "Windelov", Hemianthus micranthemoides, Limnophila sp. (Vietnam), Hygrophila pinnatifida, Vesicularia montagnei, Anubia barteri var. Nana “Petit”, Anubia barteri var. Nana “Pangolino”, Bucephalandra sp., Micranthemum sp. Monte Carlo, Eleocharis mínima, Marsilea angustifolia
Animals Paracheirodon Simulans, Hyphessobrycon Elachys, Apistogramma sp.
Materials Ryuo Stones, Cosmetic Gravel SOMA Pebble Black (2-4mm e 3-5mm) and ADA La Plata Sand
Additional Information In this work, I tried to represent a view of the horizon in a valley seen from the perspective of an observer in front of it.

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