#361: 86L Aquatic Garden Frodo's Path

Luis Filipe Samora Cardoso Vila Nova de Santo Andre, Portugal

Awards and Comments

Second Place
Excellent scape with very nice composition and trimming. The only thing I wonder about is why there's a lone Buce or just a few Hygro pinnatifida plants? Seems random in an otherwise very cohesive scene.
— Kris Weinhold
A montage that shows the high technical capacity of its author. Each planted species is at its optimum maturity moment something that is not easy at all. The balance between solid elements and planted areas as well as the balance of color are the elements that lead me to give high consideration to this assembly.
— Juan Puchades
Strong and intense. It is a layout where the hardscape takes up a large part of the space and in this way the aquarium seems a little smaller than it really is but at the same time it presents a very welcome magnitude due to the angle of photography and plant health and profusion of colors. Good shadows and good reflections especially on the right side of the layout.
The work of details with small rocks can improve even more as it looks very artificial and on the wrong scale but undeniably it is a very interesting and well maintained setup! Congratulations.
— Andre Longarco
He creates works full of a sense of nature by skillfully using characteristic stones!
Plant selection and growing techniques are also so wonderful! Congratulations!!
— Masashi Ono

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 36 cm
Title Frodo's Path
Volume 86L
Lighting Twinstar 600 SA II
Filtration Eheim 250T
Animals Tetra Ember
Materials Frodo Stone

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