#345: 96L Aquatic Garden VULCANO

Fernando Moraes Osasco SP, Brazil

Awards and Comments

Third Place
Very nice hillscape! I've seen dunes/hills that look similar to this on volcanic formed islands so I can see the inspiration. Nice work!
— Kris Weinhold
This layout divides my opinions.
On the one hand it is a work full of details well executed techniques the use of many plants textures and shadows.
On the other hand the general composition is very simple and definitely the health of the plants is not at its best. it is possible to see algae and spots that could be cleaned before the final photo.
One point that bothers me a lot is the black spot on the front glass on the right side which is totally unnecessary.
In short it is clear that there is a lot of knowledge and technique involved in this layout but there was a lack of greater care with the composition as a whole and careful and dedicated maintenance.
Beautiful work that with few changes and more dedication would be much better ranked.
— Andre Longarco
In this aquarium I can confess to its author that no element in itself was of extreme impact to me. However once I analyzed the work in detail I was able to find an endless number of well-used techniques a harmonious and balanced structure a wonderful photography and endless details in the planting that made me fall in love. Therefore I consider this aquarium one of the best without a doubt in the category.
— Juan Puchades

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 60 × 40 × 40 cm
Volume 96L
Background cartolina azul
Lighting luminaria ecoplamps FW18 KR 90 FULL SPETRO
Filtration canister ehein ecco 2234
Plants Rotala BSD, Pogotesmon helferi, Eleocharis Minima, Bucephalandras, Anubias petite, Glossotigma, Hemianthus calitrichoides cuba, Staurogyne
Animals hyphessobrycon amandae, tetra kaiser
Materials substrato fértil amazônia MBREDA, rochas maxxi,areia la plata ADA
Additional Information fertilização JBL PRO SCAPE, fertilização diária ,TPA 2x por semana 50%

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