#393: 2L Wabi-Kusa Mixed Worlds

Stuart Knappstein Adelaide, Australia

Awards and Comments


I love the uniqueness of this Wabi-Kusa including the creative use of the basalt rocks to create the design wild growth of your stem plants and excellent use of a water section. The fact that the aquascape has been going for over a year is impressive. Excellent work!

DQ due to use of terrestrial plants.
— Bailin Shaw
There is a really nice mix of plant texture. Unfortunately the Parlor palm and tillandsia are NOT aquatic plants.
Selection of spiderwood looks great - complements with right branch size and length. Great arrangement except for the terrestrial plants!
— Jo Ann Fujii
Terrestrial plants
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 22 × 22 × 9 cm
Title Mixed Worlds
Volume 2L
Lighting Ikea Vaxer LED
Filtration Jeneca IPF-408 submersible filter - 200L/hr
Plants Emersed: Rotala Colourata, Ludwigia Narrow, Babies Tears, Christmas Moss, Parlour Palm & Airplant
Submerged: Crypt wendtii (green and brown), Anubias, Pearl Weed
Floaters: Salvinia Minima & Red Root Floaters
Animals Red Cherry shrimp
Materials Quartz lined bassalt, Goldvine
Additional Information Not your traditional Wabi-Kusa (ball with plants) this Wabi is grown in a hand crafted rock pot comprising of 5 basalt stones glue together to form a pot/bowl. This is filled with aquasoil, peat moss and wicks its moisture from the water column below via the rock work. The creation is 22 months old and going strong.

The water column isnt neglected and is full of plant life as well, home to a small colony of red cherry shrimp. The filter pumps water around the water column but is not being used to water the emersed section.

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