#647: 1L Wabi-Kusa wabi zula

Nora Kurnia Sari Bengkulu, Indonesia

Awards and Comments


Very nicely done Wabi-Kusa. Good balance of color and textures. I would have liked to see a more noticeable water portion incorporated into the design.
— Bailin Shaw
Plants look very healthy with a nice mix of texture. Suggest showing more hardscape as on the verge of looking overgrown.
— Jo Ann Fujii
This is a shame because this is a really beautiful graceful well developed Wabi-Kusa. But the contest rules are very clear about the need for a water area and because the entrant has used a solid container and has not offered us any photos showing a water surface we cannot SEE whether there is water in the container. I am giving the entrant the benefit of the doubt but in the future be sure to include at least one photo that CLEARLY shows that there is water beneath the plants.

That said I LIKE your choice of container for this arrangement. I think it sets off your plants beautifully! I think you just need to pay attention to those nit-picky rules!!!
— Karen Randall

Aquascape Details

Dimensions 12 × 12 × 8 cm
Title wabi zula
Volume 1L
Background black
Lighting hpl strip 10 watt
Filtration no
Plants pinnatifida, montecarlo, lilaenopsi, hydrocotyl tripartita, Moss weeping
Animals no
Materials driftwood

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